I watch with kin interest how our supposed leaders gradually destroy both the economy and the well being of the people who they're supposed to lead. It is no news,  the continuous decline in the economic development and growth of the country. The government of the day have repeatedly claimed to be acting on the interest of the masses.... ... Continue Reading →


A piece of me is shatteredwith my yesterdays past.I am broken with nothingto hold this pieces together. When in nature's bed I dreamed,A life of me and you without end.Sadly fleshy desires supersede our trust.Now like shaft, it's all gone with the wind. Three words meant to be a blessing,Now a curse.When lust supersedes love... Continue Reading →


It started within few minutes Of exchange smiles. Then whispers from an open dream, Then I thought, It was my best moments. A walk across the street Few bottles of drinks to spice. Exchange kisses in an embrace, Of desired glances. Few careless whispersOf sweet nothing. How was I to know? When desire superceded reasons.Within... Continue Reading →


In life there's always a cross road to what we hope to become. A moment when all we see is found between what the world sees. A time when our path become blur by the distractions of what others believe we should be. Our lives become entangle with mistakes, influenced by our wrong choices of what we... Continue Reading →


In the moment. We live, we breath And we are alive. Making it count,As the night comes.  Letting loose our wild selves,Being found and lost.Weaved in the memories Of our best moments. I am my true self, Crossing the lines of What I give and that which I withheld.Never holding back, For in this moment I am made whole again. 


Quietly I lay on my bed, completely lost in thoughts... It's my birthday, I can hear my thoughts echo again and again. As much as I want this day to appear special, somehow I still feel weird about it. All I could think right now is.. "what could I have done better, if I had... Continue Reading →


I've spent most of my life wondering why some are born lucky, rich and comfortable while others fight, struggle and dream to survive.....This thoughts hunt my growth as a person, until a time when I realized that fulfilment is not define by the nature or the circumstances  of our birth, but by our approach to... Continue Reading →


With the pressure to succeed, we all face, from work place, our environment, school and from our peer group. We sometimes become frustrated and downcasted. When this happens, all we think about is give up and sometimes it becomes so intense that we desire to shorten our life. In this short video, I share my... Continue Reading →


©Chris Sam Life is a mirror, When you look closely, What you see is all that you'll get. Every second, only count When all that matters, Is who you are and what you become. Everyday is a gift, Yet a curse to scale through. Our greatest goal, is to become what no one Believe we... Continue Reading →

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