Do you think we are losing a touch of where we came from and how we got here? If you do then we share a common pain. I have a strong passion for creating documentaries that will raise awareness and promote the African cultural and traditional practices, and also give the global community an experience... Continue Reading →


It started nine month living in an embryonic sphere. When nature's toil was only a figment from my mother's imaginative dreams. Moment by moment my days became The reality of a wholesome birth. Now born, I was ready to begin life's un-phantom Voyage. My life became a story formed from my past to Align my... Continue Reading →


©Chris Sam Life is all about moments The singular moments you share The seconds, the hours you smile. The times with the one's you love There are the webs that connect us all When storms and darkness rages And tears constantly flows When friends becomes foe And hope a dreamless thought Hold unto the moments... Continue Reading →


© Chris Sam I am at the threshold of a forbidden journey. Where truth's more profound than my wishful thought. In a scintillating empathy of a wishful dream, I envisage a time when love will be mine for safekeeping. Beyond the blissful planes of love biddings. Dwells a path of hidden virtues. A journey crafted... Continue Reading →


Chris Sam Too many thought yet Unfold Too many words to be told, Mysteries in-between the fold. Such is a poet unrest evening stroll. In scribbling lines he wrote, Line by line until it bold. Expression of a blue dream Unfold A bliss of self redemption behold. This a letter from the poet Where his... Continue Reading →


A blue tailed bird circle around the hibiscus tree, gliding in search of a favoured flower to perch. As Henry took his camera to get a nice shot, his swift moment gave his position away, scaring the bird to fly. He watched the bird fly away, disappointed on his failed attempt of a good shot.... Continue Reading →


Every flower, every tree and every thing around has a story, good planes and great places with wonderful memories. Those blessed with wonderful moments can move around their environment smiling, rolling back the years, times, and moments they've had, in his world nothing seems real anymore. The pains and betrayals he faced in his life... Continue Reading →


Like streams of an endless fountain My heart dance in loving patterns. A dream once had, gradually becoming certain. Yesterday's loneliness , becoming a conquered mountain. In you my desires are like an open curtain. I bless the day our path where crossed In those moments, a new heart was forge. Remnants of my broken... Continue Reading →


© Chris Sam In my life's sojourn and quest, i have been privilege to experience and face life from the perspective of complete awareness to lifes beauty, pains and impermanence. This experiences fueled my hunger for a better and fulfilled life. This hunger and thirst, makes me spent countless hours reading, researching, attending seminars, retreats,... Continue Reading →

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